Learn from experience


I lived in 2 country when I was young. That country was Singapore and Vietnam. I live in Vietnam for 9 years. When I arrived at airport, I thought Vietnam is poor and dirty country. Because airport was smaller and more dirty than Singapore’s airport. That made me disappoint, but after, I learned many things in Vietnam’s culture.

I surprised about no traffic lights at streets. Everyone walked without raising hands and nobody were scared about motorbike. I had an small car accident when I was 10 years old. I was scared about motorbike so I run fast at street. I learned ‘do not run at street’ from this experience.


I surprised about Vietnamese foods. I thought bun cha is very strange food. Because in Korea, nobody eat roasted bacon in soup. I tried it very hard but after, that taste was very good. I learned  ‘do not have food cultural bias rashly’ from this experience.

    Do you know many Vietnamese people is very rich as other countries’s rich? I thought all people in Vietnam is poor, but I was wrong.  Usually they didn’t show their wealth. I ‘learned Never judge by appearance’ from this experience.

I learned many things in Vietnam. I want to learn more in many countries’s culture.😊


My favorite book


Now, I will talk about my favorite book. I really love read books and my favorite books are so many but I will talk about only one book, it name is ‘Tree’. There are beautiful illustrations, that’s cause of this book is my favorite book.

This book wrote by ‘Lee Soon Won’. He is my favorite novelist.


This book got the prize ‘Green Novel’ and many people love this book.


Main characters of this book are old chestnut tree and his grandson, young chestnut tree.


Young tree sprouted up himself, he learned how to make leafs and flowers to his grandfather, old tree. Young tree had hard time as like storm and big rain. But he overcame it and finally, he made two chestnut his first time in forever. These story give deep moved.

I think this book is good for teenagers, because this book tell about how to overcome hard time and  work hard for dream. This book will give food effect to teenagers, so I recommend this book to teenagers.

My daily life at KISH

KISHI’m study in KISH for 8 years. Now, I’m 15 years old and my class is 8-1. I’m satisfied with my homeroom teacher and friends. I’m really excited to learn new things. I like English, history class time.

Every morning, I arrive the school early. At that time, I read books or I finish my homework forgotten and prepare class of that day before first class start.

In class time, I try to study hard but sometimes I am bored and sleepy. I like to summarize the important thing when I study in my class.

After lunch, I always go to library for reading many kinds of book. Because I really love to read books. I usually choose and borrow 2 or 3 of books. I read books to 12:50 p.m.

When class finish, I get on a school bus and go to home happily.

I have finished to talking about my daily life at KISH, maybe I will spend same everyday in my school but I know this time is very important for all of my life.

About me


My name is Kim Ruby In. I’m student of KISH.

Now, I’m 15 years old and study in KISH with my 2 younger sisters.


》I drew these pictures with my smartphone.

I’m good at art, so I really love drawing pictures. I like to draw landscape and portrait. My favorite subject is art, and favorite artist is Monet. Sometimes, I go to many kinds of art gallery in Vietnam or Korea. Because I want to be art teacher and artist.


In addition, I really love to read fantasy books.  My favorite books are ‘Momo’ and ‘Harry Potter’.


I can play violin. I learn play violin for 3 years, but I’m not good at play violin.  I like more art than play violin.

I hope you can enjoy my blog. Thank you!😀